Sunday 20 Apr 2014
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The logo is derived from the shape of an ogive and a normal curve. The ogive illustrates the modern technology used in testing while the curve represents the classic theory of evaluation.

The ogive resembles two birds facing each other, their talon-shaped wings symbolizing the passion for the race in achieving educational excellence.

Green represents Islam, the official religion of Malaysia while gold symbolizes excellence and dedication to education.

The words etched at the bottom represent the motto of LP: JUST, AUTHENTIC, TRUSTWORTHY.

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Customer Charter

LP is responsible in managing examinations in an efficient, smooth and secure manner. To fulfill this aim, we vow to:
1. Assess the performance of candidates fairly and authentically through valid and reliable testing and evaluating tools based on the curriculum and the National Education Philosophy.
2. Provide sufficient test papers in a secure manner according to the examination schedule.
3. Provide a suitable examination environment to all candidates.
4. Issue valid exam results within 4 months and certificates within 6 months after the results are issued.
5. Allow candidates the opportunity to have their examination results reviewed and be informed of the decision within 3 months.
6. Offer friendly services and be ready to assist in matters regarding examinations.
7. Continuously improve the management of examinations in terms of security, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Concept / Vision (Wawasan)

To build a sophisticated examination and assessment system and smart evaluation using up-to-date technology and to be able to produce valid and reliable results to obtain global recognition.

1. A sophisticated examination and assessment system deals with tools and technology that are state-of-the-art in line with the development of assessment.
2. Smart evaluation means suitable evaluation methodologies in lin ewith the curriculum objectives and the National Education Philosophy.
3. Up-to-date technology plays a role in creating a computerized question bank which is equipped with an on-line network to provide accessibility to schools at any time.
4. Valid and reliable testing tools authentically measure what is supposed to be measured and demonstrate the consistency of the test.
5. Global recognition not only helps in fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the country, but items are acknoledged and certified at international level to be used as reference and emulated outside of the country.

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Roles and Responsibilities
1. Formulation of educational testing and evaluation policies based on the National Education Philosophy and curricular aims.
2. Formulation of specifications for educational testing and evaluation designs, its administrative methods, reporting and quality control.
3. Formulation of testing and evaluation tools and marking methods to assess students based on the curriculum.
4. Coordination, production, printing and distribution of testing tools.
5. Regulation and handling of public and international examinations.
6. Data and candidate entry processing, issuance of results and certificates, and statistics analysis.
7. Management of question banks.
8. Research to upgrade the quality of educational testing and assessment and standard validation.
9. Management of help services and consultation.
10. Approval to conduct and observe examinations and to enforce rules, manuals and examination instructions in any educational institutions.

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The Leader of World-Class Assessment by 2020

To produce the National Examination and Assessment System in high quality in terms of validity and reliability in all examinations and evaluation towards effective learning

1. to plan, construct and produce al types and forms of educational testing and assessment based on the National Education Philosophy
2. to control, coordinate and execute all examination and assessments in schools, centralized examinations and assessments and international tests which are in line with the government's policies and the country's interests
3. to provide help services and consultation about the National Examination and Assessment System and the Ministry of Education

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